cat drinking from a glass of water

Why Do Cats like to Drink out of Glasses?

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Your cat might like to drink out of glasses because it is in their instincts to look for fresh water. The water in your glass is usually more recently poured than what’s in the water dish. It could be that your cat doesn’t like the size or shape of his water bowl, or it might be placed in a spot that is too low. Drinking from high up on tables gives them greater confidence and lowers the chances of a conflict at the water dish. The narrower mouth of a cup or glass helps cats avoid getting their whiskers wet, which are very sensitive and will not work as well if wet. Plus, cats have senses that are far more sensitive than humans, so they may be able to detect the fresher water from the glass. Many cats also prefer tall containers like glasses to drink from, as it gives them a sense of security and confidence. If your cat is drinking from your glass, you may want to consider buying them a pet drinking fountain, as they keep water moving, which cats usually like. Ultimately, the behavior in cats to drink from glasses can simply be based on instinct, but it may also be due to a dislike of their water dish or location.

They Feel Safer

Have you ever noticed how your cat prefers to drink out of glasses, rather than out of their water dish? If so, you’re not alone! Plenty of cats prefer drinking water from glasses instead of bowls. The reasons for this peculiar behavior are quite logical, and it all comes down to their natural pacifist instincts. Drinking from high up on tables gives her greater confidence and lowers the chances of a conflict at the water dish. It’s part of their instincts to look for safety, and they find this when they drink from glasses or human hands. Cats also have a keen sense of smell and taste, which may be why they prefer the fresher water found in glasses compared to a bowl.

Cats Prefer Fresher Water

Cats are known to be picky and very situationally aware, so it’s no surprise that they would seek out fresher water sources. After all, their instincts tell them that fresher water is likely to be safer for them than stagnant water. By drinking from multiple sources, cats can ensure that they are getting the freshest water available. It’s also believed that cats are attracted to running water, which is why many cats like to drink out of glasses or cups.

Don’t like Their Water Dish or Location

Cats can be a bit picky when it comes to their water bowl. Not only do they need to like the size and shape of the bowl, but they also need to feel safe and secure while drinking. If your cat’s water bowl is too narrow it can lead to “whisker fatigue or stress” because of the pressure being put on, pushing back, or otherwise feeling uncomfortable. It is also possible that your cat doesn’t like the location of their water bowl. It might be in an area that leaves them feeling vulnerable or exposed. Additionally, cats may not want to drink from their water dish if it is too close to their food bowl. This could stem from their natural instinct to protect their food as wild cats would keep their food and water sources separate.

Cats Have Sensitive Whiskers

Cats’ whiskers are incredibly sensitive and provide felines with vital information about their environment. Not only do cats’ whiskers help them navigate, but they can also detect even the slightest change in air pressure, temperature, and movement. This sensitivity is why most cats don’t like their whiskers to be touched or squished and why they may prefer to drink from a glass rather than a bowl. The water in glasses is cooler or more fresh, and the shape of the glass allows the cat to keep their whiskers away from the sides of the container. Therefore, by drinking out of glasses, cats can avoid feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed by the sensation of their sensitive whiskers touching something.

Cats Have More Sensitive Senses

Cats have more sensitive senses than humans, which might explain why they prefer to drink out of glasses. Cats’ sense of smell is 14 times stronger than ours. They can also detect noises at a much higher pitch than humans, and their vision is more sensitive to light and movement. All these heightened senses mean that cats are more sensitive to the environment around them, making them more likely to be drawn to drinking out of glasses. Glasses are also often cooler than other containers due to the glass material, and this could be another reason why cats prefer glasses over their water bowl.

Looking for a Logical Explanation

Cats are naturally curious creatures and it is only natural that people look for a logical explanation as to why their cats prefer to drink out of glasses. Just as humans prefer freshly poured water, cats instinctively recognise this, looking for the best source to drink from in order to stay hydrated. They are also very sensitive creatures, able to detect even the slightest change in the smell and taste of the water. This is why they often prefer fresher water from a glass, as opposed to stale water from a bowl.

Cats Prefer Moving Water

It is believed that cats have a natural aversion to standing water. This could be due to the fact that still water can often be stagnant and harbor bacteria or other contaminants. Cats, with their sensitive whiskers, may be able to detect the presence of these contaminants and naturally seek out cleaner and fresher water sources. Additionally, cats may just simply prefer the sensation of drinking from moving water, as it is more akin to what they would drink in the wild. Therefore, cats may be drawn to glasses of water as they provide a readily available source of fresh, moving water.

A Way for Cats to Feel Safer

It’s not just that cats like the taste of water from glasses better, it’s also about feeling safe. In the wild, cats drink from running water sources because they are more likely to be clean and free of dangerous pathogens or contaminants. By drinking from a glass or bowl that your cat knows and trusts to be filled with safe, clean water, it’s a way for them to feel safer and more secure. This way they don’t have to worry about drinking from a stagnant pool or pond full of unknown dangers. Offering a variety of different drinking sources can help cats feel more comfortable when drinking and make sure they stay properly hydrated.

Drinking Fountains for Cats

It’s possible that cats just don’t like their water dish or the location of it. To help cats stay hydrated, drinking fountains for cats have been made available. These fountains continually recycle the water through a filter, making it much cleaner and more appealing to cats. The running water also helps make cats feel safer and more comfortable as they are more likely to seek out moving water in the wild. This is why many cat owners opt for a drinking fountain for their feline friends, as they can be sure they’re staying hydrated and acting like the natural predators that they are.

Why Cats Trust Their Humans

It’s not only water that cats appreciate from their humans – cats also form trusting relationships with their owners. Humans and animals perceive trust differently, says Mikel Delgado, a feline expert. Cats have an instinctive need to feel safe and secure in the environment that they are in and so they look to their humans to provide this feeling of safety and comfort. If your kitty loves to lounge around with you and seems relaxed in your company, this is a good sign that they trust you. This kind of bond goes both ways, and if cats feel worried or uncomfortable, they will likely show signs of anxiety or stress. Whether it’s sitting on your lap, purring in your presence or simply being close to you, these are all signs that your beloved cat trusts you.