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Why Do Cats like Sitting on Laps?

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Cats like to sit on laps for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they enjoy the comfort, warmth and companionship that comes with it. Sitting on a lap can also be a way of seeking petting, as cats enjoy the grooming sensation they receive from people. Secondly, cats also appreciate the safety that comes with sitting right next to their owner. Lastly, cats may simply be trying to warm up, as their body temperature is higher than ours, and their fur may not always be enough. Lap-cats, in particular, enjoy spending time in this way, often becoming more affectionate when they have the opportunity. Regardless of why they are doing it, cats showing trust by sitting on your lap is a wonderful sign of affection.



It’s no secret that cats love to curl up and snooze in cozy places, and for many cats, one of their favorite spots is your lap. But why do cats like sitting on laps? To answer this question, we’ll have to look at the history of cats and humans, the benefits of cats sitting on laps, and the reasons why cats enjoy it. Read on to learn more about why cats like to sit on our laps and how to make sure your cat is comfortable doing so.

The History of Cats Sitting on Laps

The history of cats sitting on laps is a long and interesting one. Cats have been around humans for thousands of years, and their relationship with us has evolved over time. In the wild, cats are mostly solitary animals, but they have learned to trust us and even enjoy our companionship. It is believed that cats first began to sit on our laps as a way to gain warmth, comfort and security. This behavior soon became a sign of trust and friendship between humans and cats, and continues to be so today. Cats have always been seen as independent creatures, but their need for companionship and comfort is clear when they choose to sit on our laps.

The Benefits of Cats Sitting on Laps

The benefits of cats sitting on laps go beyond simply providing warmth and companionship. Studies have shown that petting cats can reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, and lead to a better overall sense of wellbeing. Not only can cats help people relax, but they can also help to combat loneliness. Sitting in a lap provides cats with comfort and security, which is something that all cats crave. Furthermore, having a cat on your lap encourages physical contact with your cat, which can help build the bond between you and your pet. As cats are very social creatures, having them sit close to you can be a great way to show them love and affection.

The Reasons Behind Cats Enjoying Sitting on Laps

Cats like to sit on laps for many different reasons. They may be seeking warmth and comfort or just wanting to show their affection. Cats often feel safe when they are close to their owners, and they may also be trying to communicate with them. Lap cats trust their owners, and sitting on top of them is a sign of this trust. Cats also enjoy the warmth of the human body, as their body temperature is higher than ours. Sitting close to us can provide cats with the warmth they need and make them feel safe. They may also be seeking petting or attention from us, as they enjoy our company and connection.

Cats and Human Bonding

Cats and human bonding is an important part of why cats enjoy sitting on laps. Cats view their owners as members of their family and enjoy being close to them. Sitting on a lap is a way for cats to express their trust and affection to their owners, as well as communicate their needs and seek attention. Petting also resembles how their mother groomed them, so cats love getting pampered by their favorite human. Cats can be subtle when showing affection, so when they sit on your lap it’s a clear sign that they are comfortable with you and like being close. This behavior also helps cats feel safe and secure, especially in environments that are unfamiliar or dangerous. It is also a way for cats to keep warm, as their body temperature is higher than humans’. Therefore, cats can take advantage of the warmth our laps provide.

How to Make Your Cat Comfortable Sitting on Your Lap

It is important to allow your cat to become comfortable with sitting on your lap. Make sure that you are in a relaxed position and the atmosphere is calm. You can also try petting your cat while they sit on your lap for further comfort. Additionally, you can try sitting on a sofa instead of a chair to make your cat more comfortable. This way, your cat will feel that they are in complete control and can move away whenever they want. Finally, you can offer treats to your cats while they are sitting on your lap which will help them associate the experience with something positive.

Does Breed Make a Difference?

Different cat breeds have different personalities and appearances, and this includes whether or not they like to sit on laps. Birman, Devonshire Rex, Maine Coons, and Persians are known for being cuddlier and more inclined to rest in your lap. Age is also a factor: older cats are more likely to enjoy a good nap and cuddle, while kittens may not be as interested in sitting on your lap. Ultimately, it is up to individual cats to decide if they want to sit on a lap or not.

The Safety of Cats Sitting on Your Lap

As long as you keep your cat’s claws trimmed, there is no real safety risk involved with letting them sit on your lap. That being said, if your cat is not used to being handled and sitting on laps, it is important to start slow and provide a comfortable environment for them. It is also important to be aware of your cat’s body language. If they get uncomfortable and start to squirm, it is best to remove them from your lap until they are ready for more contact. If done correctly, cats can enjoy sitting on your lap without any safety issues.

Common Misconceptions About Cats Sitting on Laps

Despite their reputation as aloof and independent creatures, cats can actually be quite cuddly and affectionate. Unfortunately, there are still some misconceptions about cats sitting on laps. Some people believe that cats only sit in laps because they need warmth. While it is true that cats will seek warmth, this isn’t the only reason they enjoy sitting in laps. Other people think that it’s a sign of dominance when cats sit on their owners’ laps. In reality, it’s a sign of trust and comfort. Cats don’t sit on laps to show off their superiority; rather, they do it because they feel safe and comfortable with their owners. Even if your cat isn’t particularly cuddly, they may still enjoy sitting on your lap and being petted.


Cats sitting on laps is a natural behavior that can bring joy and companionship to both cats and humans. Cats are naturally drawn to seek out warmth and comfort and our laps provide them with the perfect place for this. Sitting on our laps also allows cats to bond with us, creating a special relationship between us. Although it is not necessary for cats to sit on our laps, it is a behavior that can bring us both joy and companionship. It is important to be aware of the safety considerations when allowing your cat to sit on your lap, but as long as owners take the necessary precautions, cats sitting on laps can be a wonderful part of the human-cat bond.