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Why Do Cats Roll On Concrete?

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Cats roll on concrete for many reasons. One of the main reasons is to mark their territory via scent glands. It is thought that cats primarily communicate through the way something or someone smells, so they use their scent glands around their mouths and cheeks to spread their scent when they roll on the ground. Additionally, rolling on the hard surface helps remove loose fur and dirt from their coats and gives cats a chance to stretch.

Temperature regulation is another reason cats roll on concrete. Cats may be rolling on it to cool their bodies or to soothe their muscles. It can also be a way for them to relieve itches or parasites. For female cats that have not been spayed, rolling on concrete can be their way of transferring their pheromones to the surface as a sign that they are in heat.

Finally, rolling on concrete may be your cat’s way of expressing affection. If your cat rolls on the concrete, especially when he is around you, it could be taken as a compliment; it means that he feels secure and safe around you.

Natural Instinct

It’s no surprise that cats have a natural instinct to roll around on concrete. After all, their ancestors used to sleep high up in lumpy, rough trees, not in plushy, exposed meadows. Concrete is cool to the touch, which can be refreshing for cats on hot days. Additionally, the hard surface helps remove loose fur and dirt particles from their coat. So when you see your cat rolling around on the concrete, it’s likely just a natural instinct that they’ve inherited from their wild ancestors.

Why Do Cats Roll on Concrete

Cats roll on concrete for temperature regulation, removing loose fur and dirt, stretching their muscles, relieving itches, marking territory, and getting their owner’s attention.

Why Do Cats Roll Around on Concrete

Cats roll around on concrete to mark their territory, regulate body temperature, remove loose fur and dirt, stretch their muscles, and signal submission. It is a behavior rooted in their natural instincts.

Why Do Cats Like Concrete

Cats like concrete because it provides a cool surface to lie on during hot weather, retains heat for warmth during colder temperatures, has a rough texture for scratching, does not retain odors as much as other surfaces, and may have been discovered through trial and error.

Marking Territory

When cats roll on concrete, they are not just having fun. They are also marking their territory. Cats have scent glands in their cheeks, head, and paws which release pheromones when they rub against an object. These pheromones act as a marker that the cat is claiming the area as its own. This is why cats often roll around in the same spot multiple times. If you have an un-neutered female cat, she may be trying to mark her territory to attract a mate. This is why it is important to spay and neuter cats so that they do not become territorial.


Another reason why cats roll on concrete is to experience a unique sensation. While it may look funny to us humans, cats actually find it quite enjoyable to roll around on the hard surface. The rough texture of the concrete provides a pleasant scratching sensation, which cats can’t resist. Furthermore, the temperature of concrete is usually different from the air temperature, so rolling around on it helps cats regulate their body temperature.


It is also possible that your cat is rolling on concrete to get rid of parasites like fleas and mites. Dust bathing accompanied by biting and scratching can help cats remove parasites from their fur and skin. If you notice your cat rolling in dirt constantly, you should take them to the vet for a checkup as this could be an indication of a parasite infestation.

Attraction to a Scent

Cats may also be attracted to a certain smell, such as the smell of catnip. The increased play-like behavior seen in cats when exposed to the smell of catnip (Ellis and Wells, 2010) remains enigmatic. The response is believed to be related to the release of endorphins and other hormones, which could explain why cats seem to be so drawn to it. Additionally, cats may also be attracted to other scents such as dirty socks. Socks have concentrated pheromones due to their proximity to the human body, and cats can pick up on this and become enticed by the smell.

Transferring Pheromones

Cats roll on concrete to transfer their pheromones onto the floor. This behavior helps your feline mark their territory. Cats will also roll when they encounter something they like the smell of, such as food or a potential mate. It’s their way of letting other cats know who is in control of the area. Pheromones are also used to keep other cats away, which is why cats may spray urine or scratch items to leave their scent. Cats will also scratch furniture, carpets, and walls to leave their scent behind and keep other cats away. This behavior is instinctive and helps cats feel safe and secure in their environment.

Expending Energy Spike

Rolling on the ground is also a way for cats to expend their energy. Cats are known to be quite active and full of energy, and this is especially true for younger cats. Rolling around is a way for cats to burn off some of that excess energy, which can help keep them healthy and in good shape. Rolling around also helps cats stretch their muscles, which can help to make them more agile. Rolling around can also help cats work on their reflexes, making them better hunters and more able to defend themselves from predators.

Loose Fur and Dirt Removal

Cats also roll in the dirt for another purpose, which is to remove loose fur and dirt from their coat. Cats are fastidious groomers and they spend much of their day grooming themselves. Rolling on concrete can help cats remove dead fur and dirt from their coats, providing a thorough cleanse. Additionally, cats may roll around in the dirt to soothe itchy skin or remove parasites and plant matter such as foxtails. This behavior is instinctive and necessary for cats to stay healthy and clean.

Spreading Their Scent

Cats have scent glands around their mouths and cheeks, which is why they rub their faces on things to mark their territory. When a cat rolls on concrete, it is spreading its scent and marking its territory. This is a natural instinct cats have to establish their presence in an area. But that’s not the only reason cats roll on concrete: they may also be trying to cool down or warm up, or even just have a bit of fun!

Territorial Creatures

Cats are territorial creatures, and they will often mark their territory by rolling on concrete. This is done as a way to transfer their scent and show other animals that this area belongs to them. This behavior is especially common in multi-pet households or areas where there are other animals. It’s a way for cats to assert their dominance and make sure other animals know who the true owner of the territory is.