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Can Cats Eat Heart?

Last Updated on January 31, 2023 by admin

Cats can definitely eat heart meat which is rich in nutrients such as taurine and CoQ10 which is beneficial for heart health. Heart meat is not really organ meat because it is mostly muscle and has a different nutritional profile. The taurine contained in heart meat is especially beneficial for your cat’s heart health because it is an essential amino acid that your cat can’t synthesize on its own.

The other benefit of heart meat is that if sourced from trustworthy establishments with proper sanitary preparation the meat doesn’t contain any excessive preservatives or additives. This is especially beneficial when your cat has allergies or health issues that are hard to narrow down. It can assist in creating an elimination diet to isolate any food products that are adversely affecting your cat’s health. Just note that feeding your cat heart meat alone will cause nutritional deficiencies so it is important to incorporate it into a balanced diet.


What Kind of Heat Meats can Cats Eat?

Meat used for most commercial cat food comes from beef, chicken, and turkey. The meat for raw feeding cats come from chicken, venison (aka game meat), fish, duck, and even beef. For heart meat the most popular source is chicken. Chicken heart is a great choice for cats since it’s easier to manage portions as they are the perfect size for cats. They are mainly good for use as a healthy treat rather than the main course. Anywhere from 1–3 chicken hearts given occasionally should be more than enough for your cat. If you want to give your cat hearts as a regular treat be sure to adjust the rest of the diet accordingly.

How to Prepare Heart Meat

In order to minimize any health risks to your cat, it is best to thoroughly cook the heart meat without burning or any form of seasoning (also make sure that pans and other kitchen utensils you use are free of any residue or sauces from cooking human food). While some owners prefer to feed their cats raw heart meat, it’s not recommended unless you are very confident in the source and the meat is still fresh. In the majority of cases you should cook the meat before giving it to your cat and only feed it raw at your own risk.

Balancing Nutrients

Even though heart meat can be a great addition to your cats diet as a healthy treat, most experts recommend that you stick to a well-balanced commercial diet. When adjusting your diet due to health concerns or based on new information you come across it’s always important to consider things carefully and consult your veterinarian whenever possible. Also, it’s usually not a good idea to subject your cat to extreme dietary changes. Always approach things gradually and closely monitoring your cat’s behavior and health.