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Why Do Cats Walk On Keyboards?

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Cats may walk on keyboards to get human attention, as they recognize the device has our undivided attention. They may also lay or walk on it to get warm or for contact and attention. It’s a way for cats to get closer to their human.

Cats may walk on keyboards because they are trying to get their human’s attention. When we are working at computers, they recognise that the device has our undivided attention. To counter this, cats may lay or walk across the keyboard as a way of meeting their human halfway. Additionally, computers can get quite warm as they are used, so the keyboard can act as a perfect spot for cat naps. Finally, cats love contact and want their human’s attention, so being near them and sitting on their keyboard is a great way for cats to get that attention. All in all, cats walking on keyboards is just their way of getting their human’s attention.

Cats Seek out Warmth from the Keyboard

It’s no surprise that cats seek out the warmth of keyboards and other electronic devices. After all, cats are known for their love of cozy spots and warmth. But why do they feel the need to walk across the keys? It could be a combination of looking for free heat, wanting to be near their favorite person, and even looking for attention. It’s likely that cats view the keyboard as a kind of compromise–a way of meeting halfway between the comfort of their usual sleeping spots and the attention they crave from their humans.

Cats like the Sensation of Walking on Mechanical Keyboards

Cats find walking on mechanical keyboards a pleasurable sensation. The warmth, softness and pliability of the keys make it a comfortable place for cats to lie and relax. Additionally, cats may be drawn to keyboards because they are often near their owners, providing them with the attention they crave. However, cat owners should take caution as cats may also chew on cords, potentially damaging the keyboard and hurting the cat. To avoid this, owners may try to provide their cats with alternative sources of warmth and softness such as blankets and scratching posts.

Cats like to Be near Their Favorite Person

Cats also like being near their favorite person, and a keyboard is an ideal spot for them to do so. Not only does it provide plenty of warmth, but it also puts them in close proximity to the object of their affections. They love to curl up on a laptop that is in use and purr contentedly as they watch their owners type away. It’s almost as if your cat is saying “I’m here too,” eager to be included in the activity.

Cats Crave Attention

Cats are social creatures that crave attention, so it’s no surprise that they often walk across keyboards. They recognize that the keyboard is the object of your attentions and want to be included in the activity. They may want you to pet them while they sit on the keyboard or just want to make sure they still have your attention. Studies repeatedly show that cats love being in the presence of their favorite person and can sense when said person is busy. By walking across the keyboard, cats figure out where they can get attention and how to get it.

Cats Love Contact

Cats love contact, and that can be seen in the way they rub against their owners’ legs when they want attention. When a cat jumps up on your lap or your keyboard, they are seeking out contact with you. Even though cats are independent animals, they still need and want to feel connected to their owners. They also like to feel included in our activities. By walking across the keyboard, cats get to be close to you while you work, and they also get to feel like they’re part of the process. It’s no wonder then that cats are attracted to our keyboards!

Cats See the Keyboard as an Opportunity for Free Heat

Cats see keyboards as an opportunity for free heat, and as mentioned before, cats are drawn to warmth. Keyboards produce a considerable amount of heat, and cats love to soak it up. Not only is the keyboard warm, but the keys are easy to press down; this gives cats a feeling of control and comfort. This also makes it easier for cats to make their mark on their favorite person’s laptop or keyboard by pressing their scent-laden toes on the keys to leave a reminder that they’re around!

Cats Figure Out Where They Can Get Attention

It’s clear that cats are clever when it comes to figuring out ways they can get attention. They may use the keyboard as a way to get your attention, either by sitting on it or walking across it. Cats may also use their sense of smell to figure out which objects are the most important to their human companion. By pressing their scent-laden toes onto the keys, they are subconsciously letting you know that they want to be included in whatever activity you’re doing. This behavior also allows them to be near you and feel like they are part of the action.

Cats Want to Feel Included

It’s not just about warmth and attention, though. Cats also want to feel included in our activities. Studies have shown that cats often like to be close to their humans, and they get comfort and security from that connection. Sitting between us and the device – in this case, the keyboard – is a way of them meeting us halfway. They recognize that the keyboard is a source of your attention, and they want to be part of it, too! By pressing their toes on the keys, cats are leaving their scent behind as a way of claiming ownership over the object.

Cats Press Their Scent Laden Toes on the Keys

Cats press their scent-laden toes on the keys as a way of leaving their mark on the world. This behavior is believed to be a way for cats to communicate with other cats, and even to humans. The scents released from the cat’s paws contain pheromones that convey chemical messages when the cat scratches or presses their feet against something or someone. This is why if you ever find your cat lying on top of your laptop or keyboard, you may find that their scent lingers behind. Cats use this behavior to create a sense of familiarity and comfort in their environment, and it is one of the many ways that cats show their affection for their owners.

Walking Across the Keyboard Is a Way of Meeting Halfway

It is not just the warmth that cats seek out when they walk across keyboards. Cats also use it as a way to meet us halfway. They want to make sure that they get noticed and that their presence is felt. It’s a way for them to express their need for attention—a need that most of us find hard to ignore. As Dr. Sarah Ellis, a companion animal behaviorist, explains, “Cats are social animals who want to feel included and have their needs met. Walking across the keyboard may be their way of saying ‘Hey, I’m here! Notice me!’” So, next time your cat jumps onto your keyboard, don’t be too quick to shoo them away. Instead, take the time to give them a pat or some love – after all, it is their way of showing you that they care.

Spite Is Not a Factor in the Cat’s Motivations

Though cats may seem to have a spiteful attitude at times, this is not the case when it comes to their behavior of walking on keyboards. Though cats may look like they’re getting revenge on their humans by pressing down the keys, they are actually just seeking attention in the best way they know how. Cats don’t always understand our technology and don’t mean to ruin our work or damage our devices, but they do understand love and attention. By walking on keyboards, cats are hoping to get a few moments of attention from their favorite people and feel like part of the family.