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Why Do Cats Poop in the Tub?

Last Updated on January 29, 2023 by admin

There are many potential explanations for why your cat might be pooping in the tub. The most common causes include health issues, anxiety, or a preference for an immaculate litter box. Health issues such as constipation, anal gland problems, or intestinal issues such as inflammatory bowel disease can cause cats to poop in the tub. Stress or anxiety can also result in cats pooping in the bathtub, especially if they perceive the litter box to be unclean or located in an unideal spot. Cats can also simply find it more interesting or exciting than using the litter box. Whatever the case, it’s important to assess your cat’s health and behavior and make sure their litter box is clean and in a comfortable area.


Check the Litter Box

It’s important to check the litter box first when trying to figure out why your cat is pooping in the tub. A full, smelly, or tipped-over litter box could be the cause of your kitty’s behavior. If you find that the box is full, smells odd, or has tipped over, it’s time to clean it out and consider a bigger or better-placed litter box. Additionally, check to make sure nothing is blocking your cat’s access to the litter box or that they don’t have any health issues that would make using it difficult.

It Could Be an Exciting Adventure

It could also be that your cat is on a mission to explore new and exciting paths. Cats are naturally curious creatures and they love adventure. Whether it’s a new scent, a different texture, or the allure of a fresh surface, cats may find themselves wandering into the bathtub for a quick potty break, as this could be a more exciting and stimulating environment for them. If your cat has recently been introduced to a new home or you’ve changed the layout of their litter box area, they may simply need some time to get used to the new surroundings before they feel comfortable using the litter box again.

Health Issues to Consider

It’s important to consider any health issues your cat may be experiencing before assuming they are simply misbehaving. If you have recently changed your cat’s diet, this could be the cause of the sudden litter box issues. It could also be a territorial or psychological issue, or a physical one such as constipation or a parasite infection. A fecal exam can help determine if a cat has an infection, and can be done as part of their annual checkup. Ultimately, the root cause of the issue will need to be identified before an effective solution can be found.

Quick Urge to Defecate

Sometimes cats are unable to make it to their litter box in time and go in the bathtub as a result. There are a few different medical issues that can cause cats to have an urgent need to defecate. Cystitis, bladder stones, and constipation can all contribute to a quick desire to go. If your cat is suddenly having accidents, it could be due to one of these health issues and you should consult with your vet. Additionally, if you have recently noticed any changes in your cat’s routine or diet, this could also have an effect on their bathroom habits.

Cats Can Be Picky

Cats can be picky when it comes to their litter box. If it’s too small, too big, or not in the right place, they may look for somewhere else to do their business. Even subtle changes to the litter box set-up can make a big difference to your cat. For instance, cats may find the feel or smell of certain litters unpleasant, or they may not like the placement of the box in a busy area of the house. Therefore, it’s important to observe your cat’s behavior and make sure that the litter box is comfortable for them.

Unclean Litter Box or Non-ideal Location

When a cat avoids the litter box, it could be due to an unclean litter box or a non-ideal location. Cats are very sensitive to their environment and can be quite picky about where they go to the bathroom. A litter box that has not been cleaned enough or an uncomfortable location may cause your cat to look for other places to go. If you’ve recently moved the litter box, your cat may not have taken the time to look for it in its new location. Make sure you clean the litter box regularly and consider putting it in a more comfortable spot for your cat.

Litter Box Is Full

When it comes to why your cat may be pooping in the tub, a full litter box often has something to do with it. Cats are very clean animals and will avoid using a full or dirty litter box if given the chance. If your litter box is full, your cat may be looking for a new place to go. This could be the tub or even your bed or other furniture. Make sure to keep the litter box clean and scooped out daily so that your cat doesn’t feel the need to look elsewhere for a spot to relieve themselves.

Uncomfortable Using the Litter Box

Cats are sensitive to their environments, so if the litter box is too uncomfortable to use, they may find another place to do their business. If the litter box is too small or too deep, or if the litter is of a poor quality, it may be difficult for your cat to use the box. Additionally, painful elimination due to constipation can prompt cats to avoid the litter box if they associate it with discomfort. If your cat is feeling vulnerable or anxious they may not want to use the litter box, so consider providing them with a safe and comfortable place to eliminate.

Health Issues, Anxiety, or Preference for an Immaculate Litter Box

Cats can experience stress if there’s a change to their routine, a dirty litter box, new additions to their home, loud music or fireworks, and more. Most cats are fastidious creatures and can develop preferences for a clean environment to do their business. If the litter box is not kept clean, it could be why your cat is using the bathtub as an alternative. Frequent cleaning of the litter box will help to reduce the chances of this behavior reoccurring. Also, make sure you are using a deodorizing litter that your cat likes as cats can be picky about the type of litter they prefer.

Full Litter Box

If the litter box is too full, your cat may not want to use it and instead seek out a cleaner place to relieve themselves. This can be especially true if the litter box is in a space that is not very comfortable for your cat. Make sure to clean the litter box regularly and ensure there is enough litter in the box. If your cat has a preference for a certain type of litter, make sure to provide that as well. It is important to remember that cats are creatures of habit and will become used to their environment and routine. If you make any changes, it is important to be patient with your cat and provide them with enough time to adjust.