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Why Do Cats like Refrigerators?

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Many cats find the refrigerator to be a comforting and cozy spot. The warmth from the motor underneath and the enclosed space of the fridge provides a safe and secure environment for cats to relax and nap. Additionally, cats are naturally drawn to high spaces and the top of a fridge provides a bird’s eye view of the room. The noise that a fridge makes can also be comforting as it provides cats with a vibration that they can enjoy. Lastly, if a cat owner stores wet cat food in the fridge, they may be attracted to the smell. All of these factors come together to make the refrigerator an attractive place for cats to spend time.

Cats Love Refrigerators Because of the Food Inside

It’s no surprise that cats love refrigerators, they provide a great source of food. Cats are known to be quite food-motivated, so they’re likely to investigate the refrigerator in search of something tasty. Storing their wet cat food in the fridge means that it will stay fresh for longer, which is a big plus if your cat loves wet food. The smell of the food inside the fridge could also be a major factor in why cats are drawn to them. Cats have a much stronger sense of smell than us and could be attracted to any scents coming from the fridge.

Cats Enjoy the Vantage Point on Top of Refrigerators

Cats enjoy the vantage point on top of refrigerators for many reasons. Not only do they get a better view of potential prey and predators, but they also get a sense of safety and protection. From the high vantage point, cats can see potential threats and have a refuge to escape to if needed. Furthermore, cats can feel a small vibration while sitting on top of the refrigerator, which helps them relax and doze off. As the saying goes, cats have not forgotten their past as gods and when they look down from their perch on the shelf or fridge, it can give them a feeling of power. Finally, there is the added bonus of cooling off with the breeze coming from the open fridge door. All in all, it is easy to see why cats enjoy the vantage point on top of refrigerators.

Cats like Refrigerators Just like Boxes and Cabinets

Cats are known to find comfort and security in small, enclosed spaces like boxes, cabinets, and even refrigerators. This behavior is quite normal as cats like to feel safe and secure. Similarly, cats may jump into a refrigerator or cabinet when it is opened. This is because cats find the tight spaces comforting, and it helps them to feel more secure. Cats also are driven by curiosity. Refrigerators are rarely left open for long periods of time so it’s an unusual sight filled with light, cold air, and various food when you open it.

To prevent any accidents, it is important to always check the refrigerator and cabinets before closing them.

Their Stronger Sense of Smell

Cats have a much stronger sense of smell than humans, with up to 200 million scent receptors compared to just 5 million in humans. This means that cats can easily detect food aromas even from great distances. Therefore, when you open the refrigerator door, cats will be able to smell the food inside, and this is likely why they are drawn to it. Cats also seem to have a stronger sensitivity to certain bitter compounds, especially some found in certain toxins and poisons. This helps keep them safe from any potential harm. Similarly, the strong smell of coffee, which is safe for cats, does not cause them any distress.

Exploring the Unknown

Cats also have a natural curiosity to explore their surroundings that can be satisfied by jumping into a fridge and investigating. Cats have an instinctive need to investigate new and unknown places, so it’s no wonder why they often jump into the fridge. Since fridges are full of food, they are likely to have interesting smells that cats find irresistible. Not only do cats enjoy exploring the unknown, but they also love secrecy and vertical environments, so it’s no surprise that they like to hide and jump in and out of fridges.

The Noise of a Fridge Can Be Scary

Despite cats’ curious personalities, the noise of a fridge can be scary for them. The sudden and loud thumps, bangs, and clanks coming from the refrigerator can be very daunting for cats. Not only that, but high-frequency noises such as whistling tea kettles can also be a source of fear for cats. When faced with such noises, cats will seek out a safe space to hide and feel comfortable in. This is an instinctive response and is completely normal in cats. So, if your cat is scared of the refrigerator, it’s probably for a good reason.

Food Motivation

Food motivation is a big factor for why cats like refrigerators. Cats are naturally food-motivated creatures, and they can sense the delicious aroma of food stored in a refrigerator. Cats may be drawn to fridges if they are particularly food motivated or live in a warm climate and want a place to cool off. This means that cats will not only explore refrigerators out of curiosity, but also out of hunger! If your cat is displaying an excessive appetite, it could also be due to an underlying medical condition such as diabetes, hyperthyroidism, parasites, or worms.

Helps Them Keep Cool When It’s Warm

In a warm climate, cats may be drawn to the refrigerator because it offers relief from the heat. Heat is known to cause dehydration, which could be why cats are attracted to the cool air of the fridge. However, cats are predators and prefer warm food that is close to their body temperature between 101 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. A recent study found that warming a cat’s food increases intake in older cats. This indicates that understanding the temperature of a cat’s meals can have a significant impact on their product preference. So while cats may like the cool air they prefer warm food.

Refrigerators Emit Heat

Refrigerators emit heat, which your cat could be after when she feels cold. The outside of a fridge often feels a bit warm due to the heat exchanger, which cats like. This warmth is also beneficial for cats in a warm climate as it helps keep their body temperature regulated. Heat is also important for cats during colder months as it helps keep their body temperature at an ideal level. Also in addition to the heat, most refrigerators emit a low vibration that can help cats relax.

The Warm Air During Winter

During winter, cats might also find the refrigerator a source of warmth. As mentioned before, the refrigerator blows out warm air, making it a great spot for cats to curl up in to stay warm. This is especially true in colder climates where temperatures dip below freezing. The pipes on the outside of the fridge are often covered with a frost of about a half inch, which could be comforting for a cat who needs to keep warm. Raising an outdoor shelter a few inches off the ground can help keep cats warm during the winter months. This is because frozen earth draws out more heat than moving air. Turn the entrance away from prevailing winds and provide plenty of straw or hay for insulation.