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Can I Leave My Kitten or Cat in the Bathroom While I Go to Work?

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The answer is a hard NO. It is never a good idea to trap your cat in the bathroom even if you live in a luxury mansion with a spacious bathroom. Cats can sennse when they are caged. If you constantly have to lock your cat in a bathroom or any other small room for your own convenience you should re-evaluate whether you should even own a cat in the first place. Even a house cat needs a bit of freedom to roam. It’s not just an issue of space either. Some people live in cramped apartments with their cats but it’s okay (even though it might not be ideal for the cat) because the cat is never excluded or restricted. As a general rule if it’s something that would get you in trouble if you did it to a human child don’t do it to your cat. It can be considered abuse and neglect.


Is it Ever Okay to Lock My Cat in a Room?

There aren’t many situations when you have no choice but to lock your cat in a specific room. You still need to give it free access to food, water and do not completely isolate the cat.

Adding a New Cat to the Family

When you introduce a new cat into a multi cat household you should isolate the new cat in a separate room from the old cats. You need to take some careful steps to make sure the cats are comfortable with each other before letting the new cat roam free. Otherwise your cats can get injured from fighting each other over territory.

Leaving Kitten in Bathroom While at Work

Leaving a kitten in the bathroom while at work is not recommended due to the lack of space, potential dangers, and the need for regular check-ins. Suitable arrangements should be made for the kitten’s toilet needs and the bathroom should be secured to prevent access.

You Have Several Cats of Mixed Genders

If you have male and female cats that aren’t neutered you might need to isolate one gender or the other to prevent them from mating. This is not a permanent solution but more of a band-aid while you get the cats neutered or spayed.

Rescue Cats

It’s common for cat rescuers to keep cats isolated in the bathroom or somewhere similar as a temporary measure before the cat gets handed off to a rescue organization or forever home. If the cat is feral it might not be properly housebroken or might have bugs or hygeine issues. So in such cases you really have no choice and you’re helping the cat long term. If you adopt a feral cat with trust or behavioral issues it might end up taking longer for the cat to get accustomed to a new home but it shouldn’t last more than a few weeks.

I Need My Sleep and My Cat Wakes Me Up in the Middle of the Night

The answer in this case is find ways to isolate yourself and not punish your cat for being a cat. Cats are nocturnal creatures who spend a significant part of their day sleeping. Naturally their sleep cycles will frequently be at odds with ours. But that’s not the cat’s fault. In this situation you need to come up with creative ways to either keep the cat out of your sleeping space while giving them the freedom to roam the rest of the house.

If the cat wakes you up for food, make sure to refill the bowl before bed. If the cat just has extra energy, play with it during the day to make sure they get enough stimulation to keep them happy.

I Don’t Want My Cat to Destroy the House While I’m Away

A lot of cat owners struggle with their cats ruining their furniture. Caging your cat in a bathroom while you’re away is not a long-term solution and unfair to your cat. There are some things you can do to minimize damage while keeping your cat happy.

  • Cat proof your house and anything you don’t want damaged
  • Get scratching posts and pads
  • Provide ample toys
  • Give them a fun environment (cat walks and other cat furniture will keep your cat happy)
  • Make sure you’re playing with your cat enough

In other words figure out a way to fix the environment without directly restricting the cat.

I Work From Home and Can’t Get Anything Done With My Cat Around

This is a new struggle many of us have had to deal with now that working from home is so commonplace. A few hours here and there when it’s urgent should be fine. After all someone needs to earn money to pay for cat food and toys! But usually these things can be worked out. Many owners have had success putting a box or cat bed on their desk. If the desk isn’t big enough you can get a separate stand on the same level. Cats like to curl up in boxes and many owners have great success with this simple trick. It will keep your cat from stealing your keyboard or playing with your mouse.

Having a cat around you can be a great productivity booster as long as you can work something out with the cat. You just need to break your work up into manageable chunks where you concentrate fully on work and take appropriate breaks with the help of your cat. Slogging through the work day glued to your screen is rarely productive when you look at total output.

Put Your Cat First

When caring for animals it’s rarely a good idea to do something purely for your own convenience. Yes, cats can be hard to tame. They are very independent and strong-willed. But cats are still pets. They need your love and attention to live their best life. Despite seeming tough cats can be very delicate creatures on the inside. Don’t break their hears. As humans we have lots of options and brain power to come up with creative solutions most of the time. Put your cat first. If you’re on the fence about getting a cat, these are things you need to consider carefully. If you already have a cat and can’t figure out how to care for it without severly restricting the cat, have the courage to find the cat a new and loving home or learn to be a better cat owner.