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Can Cats Eat Kimchi?

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You should not feed your cat kimchi because it contains garlic which is toxic to cats. Kimchi is a Korean side dish made by fermenting salted vegetables and other ingredients with spicy powder, garlic, ginger, and salted seafood. It is a great source of nutrients and probiotics for humans but isn’t suitable for cats because of the garlic and high sodium content.

Can Cats Eat Kimchi? Should You Feed Your Cat Kimchi?

Because of the garlic and salt content of kimchi along with the low protein content kimchi can be dangerous to your cat while having little nutritional benefit. While kimchi is also known as a health food for humans and a rich source of probiotics, the cons outweigh the benefits for cats. If your cat takes an unusual liking to kimchi it might be because of the seafood paste used in preparation or the strong smell.

Crazy Video of a Stray Cat That Only Eats Kimchi and Rejects Cat Food

With all of the caveats above, here’s a crazy video of a cat that only eats kimchi and will even reject cat food. Hayang is a male street cat that was adopted by a kind woman in Korea. She found him on a street when he was very young and she tried to feed the kitten. Despite her best efforts to give Hayang food, the cat refused to eat anything she gave him. However when she opened the refrigerator to fetch kimchi, that cat would not stop meowing at her. So she reluctantly fed the cat kimchi and the rest is history.

The owner has tried everything to wean her cat off of kimchi. She has tried to mix it with rice or rinse the kimchi with water but the cat will reject anything other than kimchi. If she doesn’t give the cat kimchi, the cat goes dumpster diving for food and tearing apart garbage bags left outside leaving her no choice.

This owner was so concerned about her cat’s kimchi addiction that she took Hayang to the veterinarian to see if the cat suffered from any health issues. When the veterinarian checked the cat’s health he found no problems to his great surprise. The veterinarian expected the cat to have liver or kidney issues but everything came back normal. The veterinarian is completely puzzled by this but still recommends that the owner try to reduce the cat’s kimchi consumption.

In the end the owner is seen mixing kimchi with cat food and manages which the kimchi loving cat eats.

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