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Can Cats Eat Beef Jerky?

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Beef jerky is a great snack for humans. It’s high in protein and chewy but should you feed it to your cats? The short answer is no. Is beef jerky toxic for your cats? Again the answer is no. The main problem with feeding beef jerky to cats is the high sodium content and lack of hydration. There is a lot of sodium involved in the preparation process and because the water is cured out of the beef, it makes for a very dry snack. Cats have enough trouble getting enough water and most owners need to take active measures to make sure their cat drinks enough water. Beef jerky is a really bad combination when it comes to staying hydrated for cats because there is little water content in the beef jerky and ridiculously high sodium content (when considering how small cats are compared to humans).

Also, many beef jerky flavors come with extra sugar and seasonings that can be harmful to cats whether spicy or sweet. Any product marked as “beef jerky for cats” is either not real beef jerky (just dried out beef) or unethical marketing.



Why Cats Shouldn’t Eat Beef Jerky

Even though cats are carnivores and beef jerky is essentially dried meat it is not recommended because of the negatives that come with the preparation process.

  • High in sodium content
  • Very little moisture content
  • Could be flavoured with extra sugar and other harmful ingredients (like garlic)

In some rare cases your cat might have an allergy to beef although chicken is usually the most common.

What if My Cat Steals My Beef Jerky?

Cats will sometimes steal your food. Usually they have good instincts about what they can or cannot eat but with all the foods available to humans it’s impossible for them to know these things. If your cat snatches your beef jerky don’t panic but try get it back or minimize the amount they consume. If you see them eyeing your beef jerky try to gently discourage them and keep it away in a safe place when storing.

The next time you catch your cat longing for a piece of beef jerky, enjoy it guilt free knowing that it’s bad for your cat and you are being a responsible owner by protecting your little fur baby.

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